Creating Effective SMS Loyalty Programs

sms loyalty programs

By bringing the right message at the right time, you can take advantage of mobile phone users and value to your SMS loyalty program. Studies show that the average person has their phone with them for 22 hours a day.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

sms marketing best practices

Businesses need to follow rules that sometimes include unestablished do’s and don’ts. SMS marketing is not an exclusion. Carelessly doing the don’ts and ignoring the do’s can negatively impact the reputation of your enterprise. This SMS marketing checklist will help you understand  SMS marketing best practices to maximize the success of your text marketing efforts.

Text Marketing 2021: Watch These Amazing SMS Marketing Trends in 2021

text marketing 2021

Are You Prepared To Use Text Messaging For Your Business In 2021? Text marketing 2021 will be the most explosive year of growth in the history of businesses using SMS to connect with customers. SO explosive in fact that as the web expereinced Web 2.0, this will now be referred to as “Text Marketing 2021”.  […]