10 Critical SMS Marketing KPIs

sms marketing kpis

How can you say if your SMS marketing strategy is successful? The answer is by knowing and using your SMS marketing KPIs.

How To Identify SPAM Text & 8 Ways to Report Spam Text

report spam text

No matter where you are, spam texts are annoying. They can be attempts to steal personal information, hack into your device or simply just sending you information you didn’t request. They try to lure you into disclosing passwords or financial details. The good news is that you can stop receiving spam messages. Here is a […]

Email vs SMS Marketing Comparison Across 6 Important KPIs

email vs sms marketing

Several decades ago, email started to become the bread and butter for digital marketing. But a in recent years, a contender named SMS brought itself back to life.  Does it need to be a conversation of email and SMS or email vs SMS? Modern digital marketers today use both. Email and SMS continuously bring quality […]

20 Helpful Black Friday SMS Examples And Tips

Black Friday SMS Examples And Tips

Still looking for some creative inspiration for your Black Friday marketing?? Here are 20 Black Friday SMS examples that you can tweak to run your campaign. Read on and take advantage of text messaging to help your business this Black Friday.

Running A Great Text-To-Win Competition in 2020

Running A Text-To-Win Competition

Gaining a stable stream of customers will require businesses to establish their community presence. One way for companies to do it is by running an SMS sweepstake to subscribe to. Hop in and read this guide to learn how to maximize a text-to-win competition for your business.

How Restaurants Should Use Text Messaging During COVID-19

How Restaurants Should Use Text Messaging During COVID-19

We’re suffering from a pandemic that is threatening our lives. Even when we’re protecting ourselves in our homes from the COVID-19 virus, our livelihoods and families are at risk.  We place great emphasis on online communication by doing what is required to stay secure but online contact is much more complicated than ever. It’s public, […]

Text Marketing For Food Trucks

text marketing for food trucks

Increase revenue and loyalty with text marketing for food trucks by using the most effective text message marketing platform built for businesses.

Text Marketing For Gyms

text marketing for gyms

Keep your members engaged and motivated by sending them personalized text marketing for gyms members with messages that remind them about their personal trainer appointments, special offers, and more.

Best Text Message Marketing Platform 2020

text message marketing platform

The best text message marketing platforms helps marketers send bulk yet personalized messages to their customers and provide unique ways to keep them engaged. Text messaging marketing platforms are so intuitive and user friendly, that anyone can create the messages and campaigns themselves while still taking advantage of powerful features such as personalization and drip campaigns.