Text Marketing 2021: Watch These Amazing SMS Marketing Trends in 2021

text marketing 2021

Are You Prepared To Use Text Messaging For Your Business In 2021? Text marketing 2021 will be the most explosive year of growth in the history of businesses using SMS to connect with customers. SO explosive in fact that as the web expereinced Web 2.0, this will now be referred to as “Text Marketing 2021”.  […]

SMS vs MMS: Which is best for your business?

sms vs mms

Everyone uses a mobile phone these days. It makes us aware that text messaging is essential not only for marketing but communication in general. SMS and MMS have their respective advantages for marketing. Let’s compare SMS vs. MMS and discuss the crucial differences you must be aware of if you would like to use one or both for your business. 

The 12 Most Compelling SMS Marketing Statistics 2020


Using SMS to reach anyone is an efficient way to contact people in all parts of the globe. B2B and B2C organizations can rely on this proven communication method, leveraging this technology’s benefits for productive purposes.
For businesses to use this method of communication, they must depend on updated and proven data. We compiled SMS marketing statistics relevant in 2020 to give ideas about how business texting can help them.

5 Benefits of Text Message Marketing

5 benefits text message marketing

Did you know that the first text message ever sent was in 1992 and it said “Merry Christmas”?’ Short Message Service marketing (SMS) is now one of the easiest and most popular forms of communication. Also known as text marketing, even though it’s was mostly used for personal conversations, thanks to increased consumer reliance with […]