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Blast texting is possible using a Text Blast platform. Your business can use it to send updates to your subscribers, keep them engaged, increase revenue, and customer loyalty.   With over 100  features, only your imagination limits your use of our text blast service to boost your sales. Read on and learn everything you need to know about Txtra’s text blast service.

What Is A Text Blast?

A text blast is a single SMS or MMS  message sent to a large group of people simultaneously. Organizations use it to broadcast important and urgent information to their subscribers. Almost everyone uses a mobile phone, so it’s the most efficient way to send quick updates and emergency alerts.

What Is A Text Blast Service?

A text blast service is a technology platform, that is connected to various telecom providers, that allows a person or business to send a text message to a large group of people simultaneously.  Often times, text blast services have more robust features beyond simply sending these messages.

Many organizations use the services provided by a text blast service to communicate with their members. Many people have received a text blast from their church, their political party, their football team, or even their employer.

Some municipalities and cities even use a text blast service to alert residents of emergencies.

text blast service

Text Blast Benefits

The benefits of using a text blast service have been recognized by almost every industry because sending a text message blast has been identified as the most effective way for businesses to connect with everyone instantly to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

Reach Everyone Instantly

Texting customers one-by-one isn’t something you would want to do if you already have more than 15 customers. Reach thousands of people simultaneously & statistics show that 98% of people will read your text blast.

Automatically Keep Everyone Engaged

With our automation features, schedule your text message blasts to be sent anytime after a new sign-up and easily schedule reminders.

Easily Grow Your Text Blast Lists

With unlimited keywords, customers can text to your number to subscribe to text message blasts, join sweepstakes, or vote in polls.

Differences Between Group Texting Apps & Our Text Blast Service

There are differences between group texts and text blasts, which may confuse businesses who are first researching a text blast service. At a high-level, the key differences are related to limit, response, and opting out.

Group texts have a hard limit of around 15 recipients. A small organization can use them, but businesses can’t use group texts for marketing when they need to reach more than 15 people. Text blasts, on the other hand, can reach an unlimited amount of people as long as they are opt-in to receive your messages.

When you send a message to a group text, all the members see everyone on the list. That is not the case when you use a text blast. It is a two-way communication that an SMS platform can easily do. An SMS platform can privately respond and receive to specific recipients.

The most notable difference between text blasts from group text is the ability to opt-out. Text blast works through subscription, where recipients can opt-in and opt-out at will. They can do it by simply texting the words STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE.

The below chart does a great job of highlighting the key differences between a group texting app and Txtra’s text blast service.


Group Texting App

Unlimited Recipients
no 15
Gracefully Handles Replies
no 15
Allows Opting In
no 15
Allows Opting Out
no 15
Available On All Of Your Devices
no 15
Voice Broadcast
no 15
Automatically Personalize Every Message
no 15
Integrates With Email
no 15
Send Text to Win Contests
no 15
Detailed Delivery Reports & Analytics
no 15
Scheduled Messages
no 15

How Effective Are Text Blasts?

surprised emoji


98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receiving them

Text Blast Statistics

Text blast statistics show just how effective SMS blasts are.  In fact, research shows that 90% of mobile devices are always within arm’s reach and 98% of text messages are read within just a couple of minutes of receiving them.

Compared to email, social, or phone calls, text blasts have the highest engagement and response rates.

Additionally, text blasts are extremely cost-effective at just a couple of cents each. Combining that with their great effectiveness, you can’t beat the ROI of a text blast service.

What to Look for in a Text Blast Service

Research has shown that text blasts are effective for many reasons. Couple their effectiveness with key, helpful features, and you’ll wonder how you ever did without a great text blast service.

There’s a lot of SMS blast services out there but they’re not all created equally. Make sure that the one you choose is easy to use, reasonably priced, and most importantly – provides features that help you with compliance.

A free text blast service trial is something else you’ll appreciate.  Use this time to explore and get comfortable with features they offer that will help you:

Text blast compliance is also a big deal. Make sure the text blast service follows all of the best practices for handling opt-outs and provides additional features to help you stay CTIA complaint.

text blast service checklist

How Do Businesses Use Text Blasts?

Being heard is good, and text blasts are an unbeatable way to do that. But there are so many ways businesses, organizations, and communities use a text blast service to help.  Here are just a few use cases a text blast service will help.

Text Blasts for Marketing

Reach all of your customers immediately by sending one text message blast.  You’re probably already using e-mail, social media, or even local printed promotions to try and the attention of your customers.  But if you’re not using text blasts, they’re missing your message and you’re losing business.

Here are some ways you can use a text blast service for marketing your business:

  • Send mobile coupons with expiration dates to all of your subscribers
  • Run a text-to-win contest to keep your customers engaged
  • Send an update about a special promotion or updated business hours


text blast marketing
text blast employee communications

Text Blasts for Employee Communications

Your employees receive hundreds of emails every day and most of those are probably SPAM – making it nearly impossible to easily see the important emails.  When you need to reach all of your employees quickly and make sure they see your message, there’s no better way than with a text blast service.  Reach people where they’re already paying attention – on their phones.

Here are some ways you can use a text blast service for employee communications:

  • Make them aware of critical deadlines, like benefit enrollment
  • Collect feedback using SMS surveys
  • Closing due to bad weather? Keep your employees safe by telling them to stay home with a text message

Text Blasts for Appointment & Event Reminders

Reminders and updates are critical to ensure your customers, patients, students, etc, come in when they’re supposed to.  Everybody is busy these days and it’s easy to lose track of important events and appointments.  Help your customers and help your business by sending important reminders with text messages.

Here are some ways you can use a text blast service for appointment and event reminders:

  • Schedule messages to be sent at an exact date and time as a reminder of important meetings
  • Need to make sure your patients or customers come in for their appointment? Send appointment confirmations and even give them the ability to confirm via text
text blast reminders
text blast emergency alerts

Text Blasts for Emergency Alerts

Make sure you have a way of communicating with everyone who matters as part of your emergency preparedness plans.  In emergencies related to weather events, missing people, road closures, or fires, time is of the essence.

When every second counts, smarter organizations and communities plan ahead by developing a text messaging strategy so it’s only a matter of clicks if they need to send an alert and reach everyone instantly.

Here are some ways you municipalities, organizations, and others are using a text blast service for emergency alerts:

  • Send residents urgent information about weather and locations of appropriate shelters
  • Make communities aware of missing person alerts
  • Road closings can be sent to every member of the town to ensure they avoid hazards

Legal Compliance For Text Blast

The federal government strictly regulates how organizations should send text blasts. Service providers follow the telephone consumer protection act (TCPA). The wireless trade association CTIA works with cellular carriers to ensure the implementation of this regulation. They need to ensure that SMS blast services uphold all the rules stated in the law.

The basic rules for using blast text are consent and clarity of identity. Businesses need to get explicit consent from recipients, which opting in or out is the best way. SMS blast users also need to provide how to do it. They also need to be clear about who they are and how often they will send messages.

How Does Our Text Blast Service Work?

Our text blast service is super easy to use and yet very powerful.  You’ll be able to send thousands of text messages per second to your subscribers.  In as little as a few minutes and three easy steps, you’ll send a text blast that will help your business and reach your audience. 

import contacts

1. Add Your Contacts​

If you have a list of contacts you can easily import it to Txtra. If you don’t have one, we have all the tools you need to start building one with text-to-join, web forms, and sign-up widgets.​

text blast service

2. Write Your Text Blast​

If you have a list of contacts you can easily import it to Txtra. If you don’t have one, we have all the tools you need to start building one with text-to-join, web forms, and sign-up widgets.

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3. Send It!

You can send your message instantly, or schedule to be sent automatically at whatever day & time you want. Replies are always free and will appear in your Inbox. ​

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