10 Critical SMS Marketing KPIs

sms marketing kpis

How can you say if your SMS marketing strategy is successful? The answer is by knowing and using your SMS marketing KPIs.

The Complete TCPA Compliance Checklist for SMS in 2021

tcpa compliance checklist for sms

Outbound marketing is an integral part of any company’s outreach efforts, and there has been a significant change in the landscape recently. Now, companies need to avoid violating recently passed laws when sending text messages or making marketing phone calls, and this is where the TCPA compliance checklist for SMS comes in.

SMS Marketing Best Practices

sms marketing best practices

Businesses need to follow rules that sometimes include unestablished do’s and don’ts. SMS marketing is not an exclusion. Carelessly doing the don’ts and ignoring the do’s can negatively impact the reputation of your enterprise. This SMS marketing checklist will help you understand  SMS marketing best practices to maximize the success of your text marketing efforts.

Experts Reveal How To Avoid 10 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Experts Reveal How To Avoid Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

There are specific guidelines that you shouldn’t skip when running an SMS marketing campaign. But if you do…..not only will you not be maximizing your ROI, but there will be other consequences your business will experience from these SMS marketing mistakes. 

Running A Great Text-To-Win Competition in 2020

Running A Text-To-Win Competition

Gaining a stable stream of customers will require businesses to establish their community presence. One way for companies to do it is by running an SMS sweepstake to subscribe to. Hop in and read this guide to learn how to maximize a text-to-win competition for your business.

SMS vs MMS: Which is best for your business?

sms vs mms

Everyone uses a mobile phone these days. It makes us aware that text messaging is essential not only for marketing but communication in general. SMS and MMS have their respective advantages for marketing. Let’s compare SMS vs. MMS and discuss the crucial differences you must be aware of if you would like to use one or both for your business. 

The U.S. Text Messaging Laws: Know Them All


Text messaging is one of the preferred business marketing tools used by retailers, entertainment properties, and media companies in the United States. And if you’re planning to use it in your marketing campaign, you should know more about text message laws. Some interesting SMS marketing statistics in 2020 revealed that: 68% of businesses use texting […]