Text Marketing For Food Trucks

text marketing for food trucks

Text Marketing for Food Trucks

When somebody loves a restaurant, they know exactly where to find it next time.  When a customer loves your food truck, it can be a little more challenging for them to find you again. Text marketing for food trucks can change that!  We’ll help your customers find your food truck and increase your revenue.

We’ll help you keep your customers find you again and again just like we do with other food truck owners who use text marketing to increase customer loyalty. There are many valuable features  in our text marketing platform for food trucks that can be easily implemented in your food truck business. Imagine being able to send your loyal food truck customers text messages with links to your exact location on a particular day, loyalty reward offers and event reminders for your next food truck festival, to name a few. Start your free Txtra trial today and see how our text messaging platform will help you grow your food truck business.

How Text Marketing for Food Trucks Works

The Keyword

Choosing descriptive keywords automatically groups your loyal food truck customers by marketing campaign; like by locations, specials, or any other important category.  Txtra offers our food truck text marketing customers unlimited text marketing keywords with their text marketing account. You create a descriptive keyword that represents your food truck SMS marketing campaign, and then your customers text this word to a short code or dedicated local phone number to join your list.

Imagine you’re the owner of a taco food truck in Mullica Hill NJ that occasionally parks outside of Bonesaw Brewery. You might want to use the text marketing keyword BONESAW  for your dedicated local phone numbers or shortcode to segment those customers who want to be notified any time you’re back at that brewery. 

The Text Message Auto Reply

After joining your food truck text rewards or notification list they’ll automatically receive a personalized text message auto reply confirming their subscription. This text message autoresponder provides the subscriber with peace of mind of knowing they subscribed to your food truck text marketing campaign successfully and also provides additional important information about their subscription.

“Thanks for joining the BONESAW Taco Trailer Food Truck VIP List Kevin.   We’ll let you know any time we’re coming back to Bonesaw Brewery. Show us this text for a free side of tortilla chips!”

The Text Message Food Truck Promotion

Imagine putting a sign on the side of your food truck making everyone in line aware of the Taco Trailer VIP Text List.  By signing up, you’ll let them know when you’re at their favorite location, provide special offers, and reward them for their loyalty.   After one Saturday night of advertising this, your text marketing list has 178 VIP subscribers. Simply schedule weekly reminders with your planned locations and the Txtra platform that automatically, reminders, and special promotions for your most loyal food truck customers.

Example Scenario

With nearly 24,000 food truck businesses in the U.S., it’s an extremely competitive industry.  Think about it, they’re so popular, food truck festivals are popping up all over the country.

How do you ensure that the people who love your Taco Trailer Food Truck can find you any time they want to?

You can use Txtra’s mobile landing page builder that includes your calendar of locations for the month.  You send one text, to all of your subscribers with our link shortening and tracking tool link that goes to that page.  Boom!

Or simply enter all of your locations in Txtra’s event reminder calendar and you can automatically send reminders to all of your VIP customers the day before you arrive.

Order extra taco shells because you’re going to be busy!

How Will Text Messaging Grow Your Food Truck Business?

Three Indisputable Facts

  • People love food trucks
  • People love saving money and being rewarded for their loyalty
  • Everyone reads their text messages

The secret to success for effective food truck marketing couldn’t be easier. Just combine all three of the above facts and you have the most effective and high performing marketing strategy for your food truck thanks to text messaging.  

Text message marketing helps food trucks increase their revenue and increase customer loyalty.  Food trucks who follow our SMS text message marketing guidelines will benefit from:

  • Increased awareness of your food truck location
  • More customers more often
  • Increased offer redemption
  • Increased customer engagement

Every one of these benefits results in a boost in revenue for your food truck, thanks to text message marketing.

Why Choose SMS Marketing as Part of Your Food Truck Marketing Plan?

Text Marketing vs Social Marketing vs Email Marketing

There are so many marketing channels to consider including email, social, SMS marketing, etc but there are statistics that prove that text message marketing is the most effective for food trucks including:

These are just a few of the benefits of text marketing for your food truck business. The Txtra text messaging platform has more than 50 features to increase revenue and increase loyalty for your food truck business.

Industry Quote About Text Marketing for Food Trucks

According to a survey published by the National Restaurant Association, consumers aged 18 to 34 years of age were the most likely to purchase a meal from a food truck, followed by 54 percent of diners aged between 35 and 44 years. 

[These are also the two most engaged age groups with text messaging.]

Getting Started with Text Message Marketing for Your Food Truck is Easy

1. Reserve Your Keyword

Text message marketing keywords help you group your subscribers into campaigns, customer status, or any other grouping you would like. Use keywords that are unique to your business and descriptive to their purpose.

2. Set Your Auto Reply

New subscribers to your list want to be assured their subscription is confirmed and be made aware of the benefits of subscribing.  The text message auto reply will send a text to subscribers after they opt in. It’s a good idea to confirm their subscription, provide an offer, and make them aware of how to unsubscribe if they ever want.


3. Grow Your List

It’s easy to grow your text marketing list by advertising in your coffee shop, cross promoting it from other marketing channels, and ensuring your customers tell others about it.  If you promote a valuable reason to subscribe, your list will grow.Here’s a few ways to bring some awareness to your text message marketing list:


  • Put signs on your food truck
  • Cross promote the list on Facebook and Instagram
  • Use our website sign up widget to add an opt-in form to your website or Facebook page
  • Simply ask your customers to sign up in person


4. Send Out Exclusive Offers

Sit down with your employees or Txtra account manager, and come up with a dozen or so high value campaigns. Then, schedule out your text marketing promos a month or two in advance. This helps you stay on top of your SMS promotions.

Remember, if your messages offer little to no exclusive value, customers will opt-out. This defeats the whole point of SMS marketing.

Exclusive Food Truck VIP Text Deals

Out with the old and in with the new.  Ditch the old school punch cards and replace them with Text Punch Card Loyalty Rewards.  Your customers will be thrilled that you’re saving a tree or two and that they also get rewarded for being loyal….without having to carry another card.

“Your loyalty means everything to us Don! Thanks for coming to Taco Trailer 4 times this month.  Stop in next week for a side of street corn on us. Just show this text at the truck!”

Location Alerts

When you find a food truck you love, you want to be sure you can find it again! Do your customers a solid and send them location reminders automatically so they can stop by to see you.

Heads up Tony – We thought you’d wanna know we’ll be @ Bonesaw tomorrow from 6:00 – 10:00.  Reply with YES if you can come and we’ll have something special waiting for you.”

New Menu Alerts

Make sure everyone knows when you have a menu change, so your VIP subscribers can be the first to try your new Guava Lava Chicken!

“Hola Jon! We think you’re going to like our new Guava Lava Chicken taco as much as we like you! We’re letting our Taco Trailer VIP have their first taste tomorrow at 4:00.  See you then!”

Text Marketing ROI for Food Trucks

Potential Monthly ROI: Text Marketing for Food Trucks

Traditional forms of marketing typically have a 2% response rate.  Text or SMS marketing for businesses is much higher with results typically in the range of a 15% to 18% return with some returns as high as 72% each time you send out a text. The table below will illustrate the potential possibilities of implementing our text messaging marketing program for your food truck business:

We’ll make the assumption that  the average transaction at a food truck is $9.00.  Using that data, along with an assumed 15% response rate to each text message sent to your food truck customers, here are some ROI projections.


Monthly ROI

  • List Size: 250
  • Monthly Messages: 2
  • Avg Transaction: $11.11
  • Response Rate: 15%


Monthly ROI

  • List Size: 1,000
  • Monthly Messages: 2
  • Avg Transaction: $11.11
  • Response Rate: 15%



Monthly ROI

  • List Size: 5,000
  • Monthly Messages: 2
  • Avg Transaction: $11.11
  • Response Rate: 15%

Final Thoughts On Text Marketing For Food Trucks

Start Your Free Trial for Text Marketing for Food Trucks in Less Than 5 Minutes

After reading this and understanding the benefits of text message marketing for food trucks, you’re likely convinced that you should sign up now and be up and running in less than five minutes.  Txtra has over 50 text marketing features that allow you to acquire subscribers, increase loyalty, increase engagement, and drive revenue.


You have everything to gain by signing up for a free trial.  Use text message marketing today to increase revenue and increase loyalty for your food truck business.  


If you have any questions at all, before or after signing up, call or text us at 1.856.399.2020 and we’ll walk you through the entire process, and give you personalized recommendations to help you with your text marketing for your food truck!

Start Your Free Trial Today and Start Increasing Revenue and Loyalty for Your Cafe Today with Txtra Business Texting – No Credit Card Required