Promising Text Marketing Trends 2021

text marketing trends 2021

Text marketing trends 2021 are starting to look rather promising due to many of the events that occurred in 2020. Since more and more businesses are on the texting train, you can expect marketers to implement strategies that are even more effective than before.

Say Goodbye to SMS Shared Short Codes…..It’s About Time!

Say Goodbye to SMS Shared Short Codes

When one business is not following appropriate guidelines in their texting efforts, every single business using that SMS shared short codes will have that number shut down, lose touch with their customers, and sometimes lose the data associated with them.

Best Text Message Marketing Platform 2020

text message marketing platform

The best text message marketing platforms helps marketers send bulk yet personalized messages to their customers and provide unique ways to keep them engaged. Text messaging marketing platforms are so intuitive and user friendly, that anyone can create the messages and campaigns themselves while still taking advantage of powerful features such as personalization and drip campaigns.