Seven MMS Campaign Best Practices for 2021

mms campaign best practices

MMS marketing campaigns also allow you to spice up your text messages by adding multimedia elements such as videos, images, and animations. In order to be effective, however, one has to implement the MMS campaign best practices.

Creating Effective SMS Loyalty Programs

sms loyalty programs

By bringing the right message at the right time, you can take advantage of mobile phone users and value to your SMS loyalty program. Studies show that the average person has their phone with them for 22 hours a day.

8 Easy Ways to Identify SPAM Text Messages

identify SPAM text messages

Technology can be such an excellent tool, but not all the time. In recent years, advances have paved new ways for criminals to steal information and steal money from unknowing consumers. One of the most common methods is through spam. We’ve outlined 8 easy ways for you to identify SPAM text messages.  One form of […]

8 MMS Campaign Best Practices for 2021

MMS Campaign Best Practices 2021

MMS Marketing is a marketing technique that uses MMS or Multimedia Messaging Services to communicate with the target audience or potential customers. MMS is an extended version of SMS that can feature multimedia content such as videos, GIFs, and images in the text. More and more business owners have turned to MMS  campaign best practices […]

10 Critical SMS Marketing KPIs

sms marketing kpis

How can you say if your SMS marketing strategy is successful? The answer is by knowing and using your SMS marketing KPIs.

SMS Short Codes vs SMS Long Codes

sms short codes vs sms long codes

For SMS marketing, you need to have the right knowledge and strategy for it to succeed. There are long codes and short codes that you can use to better interact with your consumers. And this guide will teach you more about SMS long codes and SMS short codes and how to use them.

Promising Text Marketing Trends 2021

text marketing trends 2021

Text marketing trends 2021 are starting to look rather promising due to many of the events that occurred in 2020. Since more and more businesses are on the texting train, you can expect marketers to implement strategies that are even more effective than before.

7 Effective SMS Customer Engagement Strategies

sms customer engagement strategies

A short attention span, coupled with the many distractions, makes it hard for businesses to keep customers loyal. Fortunately, there are 7 effective SMS customer engagement strategies that will help your business get noticed.