How To Identify SPAM Text & 8 Ways to Report Spam Text

report spam text

No matter where you are, spam texts are annoying. They can be attempts to steal personal information, hack into your device or simply just sending you information you didn’t request. They try to lure you into disclosing passwords or financial details. The good news is that you can stop receiving spam messages. Here is a […]

Experts Reveal How To Avoid 10 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

Experts Reveal How To Avoid Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

There are specific guidelines that you shouldn’t skip when running an SMS marketing campaign. But if you do…..not only will you not be maximizing your ROI, but there will be other consequences your business will experience from these SMS marketing mistakes. 

Email vs SMS Marketing Comparison Across 6 Important KPIs

email vs sms marketing

Several decades ago, email started to become the bread and butter for digital marketing. But a in recent years, a contender named SMS brought itself back to life.  Does it need to be a conversation of email and SMS or email vs SMS? Modern digital marketers today use both. Email and SMS continuously bring quality […]

A Quick 2-Minute Overview Explaining SMS vs Text

sms vs text

The acronym SMS stands for short message service. It supports sending 160 alphanumeric characters per text message. This form of communication started in 1992, widely used for straightforward messages since then. It means that SMS is a term used to define the channel of communication.

Everything You Need To Know About Application To Person (A2P) SMS Messaging

Everything You Need To Know About Application To Person (A2P) SMS Messaging

Have you wondered how companies can send SMS that the recipient can’t reply to? Their secret is using A2P SMS messaging. It is a powerful way to communicate with their customers. They also use it to increase brand awareness to benefit their business. Read on and learn more about A2P SMS messaging. A2P Messaging Basics The […]

20 Helpful Black Friday SMS Examples And Tips

Black Friday SMS Examples And Tips

Still looking for some creative inspiration for your Black Friday marketing?? Here are 20 Black Friday SMS examples that you can tweak to run your campaign. Read on and take advantage of text messaging to help your business this Black Friday.

5 Ways A Business Texting Platform Will Help Your Business

How Does A Business Texting Platform Benefit Your Business

After obtaining your employees’ or customers’ contact info, the most efficient way to reach them is through text messaging. Reaching out to many people requires you have an effective yet simple tool — SMS. And besides from those reasons, here are other key benefits of using a business texting platform you’d definitely want to know for you to maximize its use in your business.